Conscious Branding

With extensive experience in both the private sector and not for profit, David offers valuable perspectives that help to discover the connection between our emotional responses, spiritual beliefs, and ethical standards and the brands to which we relate and why.

As the market becomes increasingly saturated with products and services, the question of why people respond overwhelmingly to certain brands, and not to others becomes essential.

For every product or service a brand provides, there is an emotional connection that either draws a consumer in, turns him away, or leaves him indifferent.

These connections are often based on the link we feel with other users of the brand, and whether or not we empathize with them, aspire to be like them, or in some way feel a kinship with them and their circle.

Our responses are often subliminal, but if approached consciously, can be an invaluable source from which to understand and expand one’s target audience, while honing the product or service to best meet the needs and responses of the target group.

This mindful approach brings an inherent authenticity to the brand that the consumer responds to in an organic way and facilitates a genuine sense of value and “right choice” in the user.

It creates relevance in the market and integrity within the brand, and buffers against the fluctuation of trends.

In many ways, this determines whether a brand or cause goes beyond being merely fashionable, and crosses over into the sphere of cultural influence.

It builds consumer trust and confidence by taking a transparent approach, and demonstrates the brand’s belief in its own mission, vision and evolution.

But perhaps most important, is that it builds an internal culture that creates the foundation for best practices, brand loyalty, and a clear understanding of brand vision and mission.

Whether you are a start-up, a business or not-for-profit in mid-life transition or an established heritage brand, this is the work that works to focus your approach, and define a clear path forward.