Personal Mentoring 

Whether you are setting-up or transitioning your business or creative project, or re-examining the larger evolution of your life goals, David will work with you to identify and realize a path to success, starting where you are now and developing a step by step approach that fits comfortably into your life.

Together we will define and set goals and objectives through a process designed to address the whole person - with an emphasis on creating a step-by-step action plan that can lead to greater fulfillment, more balance and a more effective process for living.

The focus is on uncovering and clarifying your inner vision and bringing it to life through identifying strengths and talents, areas of further development, and possible behavioral shifts.

Then we will begin to outline a course for putting insight into action that will allow you to define your life consciously and with more purpose, and live at a higher level of satisfaction and expression.



Spiritual Counseling

based on the sacred concept of anam cara, or spiritual friendship, David offers conversational sessions focused on creative exploration.

honoring mind, body and spirit, the sessions are based on deep listening and dialogue aimed at opening the intuitive channel to wisdom and clarity.

a heartfelt sense of compassion and loving kindness are at the core of this work.  the outcome is often the unfolding of a personal spiritual practice that is organically yours, and not bound by convention, and a clearer path to your true vocation.

This work may be combined with personal mentoring for incredibly powerful results.


Sessions are offered through in-person meetings or through Skype or Facetime. 

A complimentary consultation is available.